About The Skräuss

The Skräuss discusses the latest episode of podcast, “Stream of Consciousness Talk Radio Theatre” with host, Charles Bursel.

The Skräuss is a performer, sculptor, painter cartoonist. He works in a style called Cartoon Plasticism, described as a mix of synthetic cubism, cartoon imagery, and some strategies of Hoffman’s abstract impressionism with a mythological narrative drive. All his paint and comics take place on Milwaukee2.  Comics fans get the reference immediately.  To the others he explains that the numeral 2 indicates that the place is the second Milwaukee.  All the sites and characters romp through this city in a narrative arc called,  The Milwaukee2 Epic Cycle.

The Skräuss is an actor and has performed featured roles in a handful of short films.  He has also completed over 100 episodes of a vlog called, Skräuss Speaks, You Listen.  He’s currently rebranding, transmitting himself and his vlog into something more open, more inclusive.

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